Reasons Why New Roofs Don’t Last As Long As They Should

Having a new roof give out on you after just a few years can be so frustrating you might want to set your roof on fire. Normally, the roof is one of the most durable parts of a house. And investing in a new one only for it to fail is a sorry sight indeed with all those thousands of dollars down the drain. There are reasons why a new roof would not be functional. Keep reading to know what those reasons are and how you can avoid them.

Shoddy work

In every roofing project, great workmanship is one of the two most important qualities that clients look for in a contractor. Not only does this make the roof sturdier and more durable, but it could also add more than a bit into a roof’s aesthetic appeal. However, bad workmanship has the opposite effect. Like when incorrectly nailed shingles have a strong tendency to peel off even in moderate winds, exposing the sheathing to moisture, heat and rapid temperature changes. This increases the chances of a leak springing, damaging the roof more quickly. This can lead to property damage if not checked, and a decision to repair or replace your roof early on in its life.

Cutting corners on materials

Being frugal and economical may be great virtues to have as they can help a business grow. However, skimping on a roofing project by buying cheap, sub-standard materials can mean a lot more harm in the future. There’s a reason why cheap materials are, well, cheap. They don’t compare to the durability of standard materials. 

Using cheap materials may save a lot of company funds on the project. But the risk is that these poor materials will give way to the weather a lot earlier than standard quality materials, making you dip into your funds to pay for the expenses when honoring the warranty. Plus, cheap materials don’t look as good as quality ones. The homeowner may decide to replace them if the contract says so, meaning more problems for both the homeowner and the contractor.

Insufficient ventilation

The ability to vent warm air is a commonly overlooked feature of roofs. Your roof needs to have proper ventilation so the interior of the house does not get too hot. It also keeps rafters dry by expelling moist air, which can then serve to prevent ice dams when there is heavy snowfall.

Incorrectly installed flashing

Flashing are pieces of metal that waterproof your roof’s weakest points, usually the valleys. Improper installation of flashing will increase the chances of your roof leaking, compounding the damage already done. Getting properly licensed professional roofers can help diminish the risk of your roof failing early in its life. Call 800-696-5588 and speak with the roofing experts at Or you can head to our website at and take a look at our offers.